The Pain of Ghislaine, Can Ya’ Kanye?, QANTAS 747’s Get Just Desserts…or Just Deserts, Jewish Concentration Camps for Children, How Marky Mark Told Martin Scorcese to F-Off His Way To THE DEPARTED and Escape The Funky Bunch, HBO’s Twin Contest Hotness, Setting Fake Fires In Boulder, Colorado High Rise Dorms in 1971–A Cautionary Tale


What Ghislaine Maxwell did this week.  The secret behind Kanye West’s US Presidential Run. Australia’s finest chocolate?  Is it okay to play pranks on blind athletes?  Uncovering the Secrets of Minnesota and Wisconsin’s Jewish Concentration Camps of the 1950’s and 60’s.   QANTAS 747’s will not call Australia home anymore: 50 years behind the wheel for one Captain.  QUIZ and McMILLIONS streamer reviews.  How Mark “Funky Bunch” Wahlberg rejected Marty Scorcese and became Hollywood Royalty.  How I set my next door foreign exchange student neighbour at University’s room on fire in a high rise with him in it, and why you shouldn’t.

Plus your regular “What Is Your Podcaster Wearing?” and “What We Drank Last Night” features and heaps more!


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The Soundtracks of Our Lives: The 10 Best of All Time, “I Will Not Read Your F****G Script!”, The Most Beautiful Film In The World, The USA’s Last Independence Day?, Arrivederci Ennio Morricone il Maestro, Death to Anarchy, Why I Am Dressing Like A Gay South African Man

Episode Sweet Sixteen (16)

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Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson: The Long Strange Road of The Graduate’s Charles Webb, Selfie Contest Winner!, ‘Cancel Culture’ practicioners are the end of Decency, Why Anti-Semitism is the New Hollywood Hotness, Have Your Cake & Eat It Too, Pick A Side Now To Be On The Right Side of Right, Meet the Original Scarface of Lake Okoboji




130 Missing Children from German Town FOUND! , APOCALYPSE NOW Soundtrack First Written in 1870, Where Have All the Dead Designers Gone?, Last Week of the “How Do You Listen To Bobby” Competition!, Post Code Prejudice “The Struggle is Real”, Sleepy Joe vs. The Queens Brawler–Debate Dates Announced

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Sayles/AP/Shutterstock (6331384e)
Joel Schumacher Joel Schumacher, director of the upcoming film “Twelve”, poses for a portrait in Las Vegas on
Film Twelve Portraits, Las Vegas, USA

Death on the Tracks: The Allman Bros Midnight Rider Movie Haunts Again, The Digital Future of Fashion, Can A Painting Save Your Life?, Best Ice Cream In The Universe, Hugh Jackman Ages & Bares His Soul, The Problem with #Cancel Culture: We Are In Danger of Losing Our Countries From Within, & Pablo Escobar Has A Present For You

In Lucky Episode 13 we revisit the scene of the crime in Jessup, Georgia, where Academy Award (c) Winning actor William Hurt was portraying rocker Greg Allman in the highly anticipated biopic MIDNIGHT RIDER, which died prematurely like the Allman Brothers themselves, and taking with it a bright young camera assistant named SARAH JONES.  The aftermath changed the way safety and responsibility is judged on films and fostered the first-ever jail term for a filmmaker.  The haunted project has just risen again as the director–barred from directing ever again– recently surfaced overseas helming a film in Europe.  And the last conversations of the late Ms. Jones and her father the night before her last day on earth; the first day of the shoot, have just been revealed in a poignant and cryptic love note from the grave.

Have you ever written a complaint letter or criticized someone in a newsletter?  Probably…  Have you ever ordered or sold on eBAY?  Probably…. Have you ever had six people from the object of that letter threaten to kill you, send horrible things to you, doxx you, and cyberstalk you with the intent ‘…to bring you down?’  Probably not, and probably not from one of the biggest companies in the world: eBAY.  An amazing true crime story that is stranger than fiction that terrorized a couple from Natick, Massachusetts.

Okay, no more changing rooms at the department stores.  How does that sound?  No queueing.  No smelly, poorly lit tiny little Guantanamo Bay spaces.   Not even the posh, liquor-fuelled high-end fashion shop dressing rooms either.   You now scan the bar code of the clothing you like, and your phone mines all your Insta and other social media pix and ‘dresses you’ in the clothes you just scanned so you can really ‘see’ how you will look in them.  Mind-numbing technology via AMAZON, from one of the most innovative geniuses and questionable human beings on the planet, coming to you far too soon…

Have you reverted to your old self too much this week?  Are you haunted by old images, old flames, old behaviours you thought you’d shed like water off a duck’s back that have now returned to second-guess yourself?  It’s the era of the SHADOW SELF… Blame Mars…in Aries…till the end of 2020.

LADIES DAY:  Fashion goes to the Podcaster’s Wife this week… it’s Double-MONCLER + GUCCI…while I sit around like an Emperor with no clothes.   But Ladies aren’t allowed as members in my Men’s Club.  Find out why this is a good thing!

Hugh Jackman got old.  Yep, baby-face is gone.  But like Penfold’s Grange it’s a good thing.  And like a secret camera in a therapist’s office we see him bare his soul in BAD EDUCATION and why it’s such an epic film, and his best turn since his unbelievably overlooked tour-de-force in THE PRESTIGE.

You don’t know about it, and it cost like 10 cents to make by movie standards these days, but Amazon Prime’s THE VAST OF NIGHT is your Easter Egg treasure for the mid-year mark.  Accidentally stumbled upon from a great tout from the always reliable and insightful Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter, this film is a sci-fi / thermal horror treat.

You think you know tasty stuff but trust me, you don’t.  Because unless you’ve had WARATAH BAY ICE CREAM, you’re thinking Lefty sociopath duplicitous faux hippie sell-outs like Ben & Jerry make great ice cream.  They make good ice cream in a failed State.  Volvo makes good cars.  But Waratah Bay is… (Gulp) possibly the best boutique ice cream brand in the whole Universe and it’s only available in a few stores in towns the size of postage stamps in Victoria.  It’s the Ferrari 250 GTO of ice cream, and it needs some new roads to hoe.  I reveal the crack cocaine of ice cream and something to take your mind off riots, looting, cancel culture, #BLM, and the end of the world as we know it.


#SteveRosendaleArtist #BadEducation #ColonialBrewing #cancelCulture #Moncler #Gucci #Amazon #JeffBezos #TheTelegraph #SteveBird #TheBostonGlobe #TheVastOfNight #ScottFeinberg #THR #UniworldRiverCruises #FISA #RodRosenstein #MelbourneSavageClub #ebay #WaratahBayIceCream #MidnightRiderMovie #allmanBros #WilliamHurt #GregAllman #SarahJonesTragedy #NatalieBarr #SevenNetworkAustralia #MysticMedusa #BankOfQueensland #BLM #KokoroSushiBrighton #KooyongLawnTennisCentre #HughJackman #AlisonJaney #PabloEscobar #sprinklesCupcakes #TheVastOfNightMovie #Descente #D&G #UniworldRiverCruises

WTF is Wrong With You People??? Wait Till You Need A Cop, Can You Murder Your Family for $$ and Get Away With It at White House Farm?, Best and Worst Police Memories, Why I Covered My 5-Y-Old Son With Insects After He Watched CREEPSHOW, Exposing the Fake Dossier, and why Craig Green is the Lean Fashion Machine We Love

In a milestone Episode 12 we take refuge from a worldwide pandemic of rioting, looting, and revisionist morons that makes the Wuhan Flu look like the common cold. Right now while you’re listening to this podcast in the comfort and safety of your home, work, holiday, brothel, spa, church, synagogue, crack house, car, or wherever you are….there are those who want to make your tomorrow less safe than today and take away the ability for you to have police protecting your family, life, and city.  And no, it’s not just ‘defunding and reorganizing’…it’s completely DISMANTLING the police.   Find out why when love of family, spirituality, and respect are gone, civilization goes with it.

Along on that note, these people are coming for our history, and they’re starting with our statues and artefacts.  Hopefully, the Two Abes (Lincolns) in Sioux City are safe.   Plus fond memories of two good cops I remember growing up, and a couple of less good ones in Boulder, Colorado and Lubbock, Texas.

Seen any good classic TV shows or movies lately?  You’ll be seeing less and less as studios and streamers take down and eviscerate things that #BLM and the THOUGHT POLICE think aren’t suitable for you anymore ranging from Little Britain to GONE WITH THE WIND.  This is the end of times, folks.

On a bright note, deciding to kill your family of 5 including yourself (Party of Five, anyone?) vs. just killing them and blaming it on a schizophrenic relative’s murder-suicide is a conundrum most of us won’t face, or at least more than once.  The absolutely riveting WHITE HOUSE FARM hits our TV screens from the UK (US and Australia) and a local Melbourne boy is the scribe behind this must-see 4 part series that is both whodunit, and whydonit and based on the true 1985 family massacre in Essex, UK.

Your podcaster gets done up in CRAIG GREEN at one of Australia’s most iconic family businesses, HARROLDS in Melbourne.  Find out why they are the hotness that stacks up against any international store, and why ‘family matters’ with them and why my search for the best good-old-fashioned service has a major pit stop there.

Have you ever taken your young child to a horror movie and then ensured he thought it was real?  Probably not…but your podcaster did and recalls this in a homage to his late son on the precipice of both his first Father’s Day without him, as well as that of his children.

Plus all your faves, Mystic Medusa excitement, This Day In History, and shout outs around the globe.

#CraigGreen #Harrolds #yamazakiWhisky #Creepshow #bugs #NikeByYou #DefundThePolice #GoodCopBadCop #statuesFalling #abeLincoln #whiteHouseFarm #KrisMrksa


The Real Story Behind The George Floyd Riots, The Bugs Are Coming!! The Bugs Are Coming!!, Can Space X Unite the World & Save America? Trailer Trash, Gay, or Bogan?- What Pineapple on Pizza Really Reveals About You, Partying with Jeffrey Epstein

In Episode XI we pass the “most podcasts never make it to 10 episodes…” mark and go towards infinity and towards the light.  And we shed a light on the bad actors who have hijacked the legitimate and heartfelt protests that described the original emotion behind the events that led to the death of the late GEORGE FLOYD and horrific police behaviour of some Minneapolis policemen.  This is not characteristic of the vast majority of police, but is an endemic problem that needs to be addressed and this message was hijacked by looters, criminals, and more importantly, domestic terrorists.  Ignore this truth at your own peril!  And we go back to Sioux City in the 50’s to find out why I was the original “Bug Man”.

And speaking of your own peril the 17 YEAR LOCUST BROOD IX is coming outta da’ ground this coming month in the USA and with over 1.5 million bugs per acre, it’s going to be biblical.  Find out how to protect yourselves (not really…but I wanted to try some click-bait for the first time).  They’ll be louder than a jet plane and it’s gonna be scary!

In entertainment, we visit the bon vivant turned pedophile JEFFREY EPSTEIN in his engrossing and gross Netflix 4 part special, which is revealing in more ways than one.  Then we travel to Spain for the 31-part series MONEY HEIST which I ignored at first and now am totally sucked into.  It’s got problems, goes off track a bit, but has so much watchability to it that you can’t stop watching…so you’d best start now!  Bella Ciao!  Bella Ciao!

We preview one of the most deeply controversial and psychological aberrations that eclipse even Jeffrey Epstein (above) and that is the propensity of some of you people to order PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA.  This is the entree to a four-part unveiling that begins to reveal how serious a problem it is.

And because nice is so important, we give thanks and gratitude for nice neighbours.  If you don’t have nice neighbours, you’re missing out on a simple joy of life.  Do you even know who your neighbours are?  If not, it’s time we find out…

Who can save the world?  Who can reunite America?  Elon Musk and SPACE X!   Let’s rocket off into space like we used to rocket in the 60’s!

And what about dreaming?  Have you stopped?  Those who have stopped dreaming, have lost all reason to live.  And that is the biggest problem we face as humans.

#SpaceX #GeorgeFloyd #USARiots #ANTIFA #Dreaming #CicadaBroodIX #NIKE #JeffreyEpstein #PineappleOnPizzaIs4Losers #NiceIsNice #netflix #moneyheist

Gone baby gone…who stole all of INXS’s Michael Hutchence’s millions? Who is Melanie Phillips and how did she escape The Guardian & get her mind Right. Why Nicolas Cage & a 50,000 pound Gold Buddha commandeered a 747 and left the Cast and Crew Behind. Who really created the movie YESTERDAY?

In an epic Episode 10 we go deep.  Way deep…   MASSIVELY DEEP AND A BIG SHOW so fasten your seatbelts…

Once in a great while you come across a person who has such depth and intelligence you are riveted by their presence and MELANIE PHILLIPS is such a person.  Her powerful statement on “Why I left the Left” as she was forced out of The Guardian UK is the talking point for her explanation on how anti-semitism has exploded around the UK and the rest of the world, once again.  You can’t help but learn something and reflect on changing times by exploring what she has to share.

Then we dive deeper into the bowels of suspicious accounting, questionable legal manuevering and outright alleged criminal activity and theft as we Listen Like Thieves to find out where the late MICHAEL HUTCHENCE’s  $50 million and continuously counting disappeared.  Chateau, Villas, homes, cars, cash, all gone baby gone.  The Paradise Papers leak of 13 million documents detailing investments from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Andrew and all three of the last Presidents has let loose a Pandora’s Box that won’t be closed soon, and hopefully see light of day in a movie.

Who the F**k is JACK BARTH?  Do you know who the Beatles were?  Well, there’s a start.  How the movie YESTERDAY’s credits and process got allegedly hijacked from an unknown 62-year-old screenwriter and taken over by two of Hollywood’s finest, director Danny Boyle and writer/producer Richard Curtis.

Then we dig Deeper than the Deep State with #OBAMAGATE and start to unveil how the loony Left’s misplaced love for the former US President is starting to unravel document-by-document as that administration’s illegal spying on US citizens comes to light with the framing of General Flynn.  Russian Tampering: FAKE  Steele Dossier: Bought and paid for by Clinton’s people: FAKE and the FBI and CIA even admit it’s rubbish.  Mueller Probe: HOAX    It doesn’t matter whether you like or dislike the current administration they are the victims of criminal activity and it’s unmasking time for real.

It’s stifling hot in your 747 from Bangkok back to the USA as it sits on the tarmac with the air conditioning turned off.  You’ve been on a Thai shoot forever, in monsoon season.  It’s done.  You want to go home.  Why is the plane waiting?  Because star NICHOLAS CAGE is running late.  And then he arrives and the news gets worse…. Every wondered why Buddha is so enlightened but has a weight problem?

Why JERRY SEINFELD’s last show should have been at the Orpheum in Sioux City, Iowa, years ago.  “NO JOKES FOR YOU!”

The Depth of Despair that MAIN STREAM MEDIA is so disgusting these days they have no place in our world for integrity or reporting.  I’m embarrassed to have attended the School of Journalism in Boulder, Colorado at CU in the 70’s when it had integrity.

The SON of God speaks out….he is more popular than Jesus, even though his Japanese firm lost $13m billion this past year.

And why so much CRIME is committed by LEFT-HANDED females?  Are you at risk?

Plus all the regular features, comment, reflections, boozy reflections of last night, Memorial Day redux, Fashion Fun and shout-outs to good people and great service.


#michaelhutchence #yesterdayMovie #JackBarth #RichardCurtis #DannyBoyle #Prada #Moncler #MelaniePhillips #Usquaebach





Inside Taylor Swift, How I Killed Delta Goodrem in 2004 but (fortunately) she came back! Sioux City Grand Theft Confessions, (VASSE) Felix the Apex Feline of Wine, D & G go Full Soprano (Tony, not Kiri Te Kawana, Roseanne & Tom Arnold’s Secret Crack Closet, ,

In Episode 9 (9’s being my lucky number not that I’m superstitious) after 16 long years I confess… I confess to killing Delta Goodrem in April of 2004 but yet… lo and behold…she has risen!  The true story behind the murder most foul in St. Kilda at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A know a lot of you wanted to go inside Taylor Swift, and today is your opportunity.  Not in that kind of way, but we go inside her amazing biopic Miss Americana and find some revealing surprises and why President Trump likes her music 25% less these days.  And I reveal the #1 hotel in America to commit suicide if you’re so inclined.

In ‘long-arm-of-the-law’ day my confessions continue as my long-sequestered Grand Theft investigation trail circa 1969 from Sioux City’s finest (sic) has gone colder than JFK at Parkland Hospital

Australia has kangaroos, great surf, weird politicians, generally amazing people albeit too many socialist losers.  But I love living here because it has West Australia and that means some AMAZING wine and we touch on a bit of a killer red from the top cat Apex Feline winery in the Margaret River region named from the eponymous famous or infamous missing sailor of the 19th century, Vasse Felix.

Want to look like a fucking rock star or Soprano?  Tony Soprano….not that lame Kiri Te Kawana wannabe?  Wear my new Dolce & Gabbana embroidered track suit and no one will mess with you, ever…

SPYGATE!  Why the next 100 days will reveal the filth and the fury from #ObamaGate

Pipe dreams gone amock! : Why coming out of the closet isn’t nearly as dangerous as going into the closet, with Roseanne & Tom Arnold at the end of their early reign.  A real #BurnNotice

#DeltaGoodrem #TaylorSwift #VasseFeix #Sony #MICF #Dolce&Gabbana #Valentino #MissAmericana #TrueCrime #SiouxCityGrandTheft #WesternAustralia #Spygate #ObamaGate #Roseanne #Crackheads #MelbIntComedyFest



The Jewish Lawyer Who Knew Too Much and Lost His Head (Literally) in a Cambodian Hotel, “I Know A Guy in Sioux City…”, Free General Flynn! Parisian Style Icons, Newest Architectural DemiGod to Worship, The Greatest Film Scripts Never (yet) Made, Food to Die For You Can’t Have Right Now (Sorry!)

In Episode 8 it’s a week of lament.  Lamenting some of the fave and best restaurants in the world that are gone through the ravages of time and tide, or are now only tattered remnants of their past.

But with all loss comes the Universe balancing it with creation of new things to wonder at google-eyed; the amazeballs new architectural interiors whizzbang DemiGod icon (he’s not new…I just recently discovered him) Swedish import MARTIN BRUDNIZKI and his unforgettable creations.  From my fave new London restaurant BRASSERIE OF LIGHT (regrettably closed inside regrettably closed SELFRIDGES at the moment until WuFlu blows away) to ANNABELLE’s to scores of other groovy hotel installations and objets d’art.   There is so much beauty and emotion jam-packed into his creations but they have a transcendental appeal that while radical in some ways the simplicity and blending manages to appeal to a wide audience.  You feel an extraordinary vibe when you walk into any place where he has waved his magic wand…

Meanwhile…Hey?  Do you need a guy?  Everyone in a small town or neighbourhood knows a guy.  Car problems?  I know a guy…  and so on… A guy who can (fill in the blank).  I name ‘dose guys from Sioux City that I used to know.

Was University of Colorado (Boulder) in the early 1970’s the coolest place ever?  Of course… I went there and I was the most uncool chubby thick-glassed, big nose white Jew boy from a hick town ever to attend.  But relive those days and a great Facebook site about them which is ‘Members Only’.  It was Playboy Magazine’s then #1 Party School in the USA.  ‘Nuff said.

Two True Hollywood Tales on the brink of being made…or not!  Once upon a time a nondescript, insecure, hopelessly-average Jewish lawyer in Melbourne, Australia married into one of the wealthiest families in the country and was handed the keys to the kingdom. He married as well as Nicole Kidman when she snared Tom Cruise in a transactional way.  His name was Max Green.  On the eve of his son’s Bar Mitzvah he stole $40 million dollars from the wealthiest investors in town under pretext of a fake investment tied to a real project, plunged all the money into stolen sapphires from a suspicious mine run by an ex-CIA spook and a partner in Laos, managed and guarded by an ex-SAS soldier and his wife, and almost (read: Almost…) got away with it until he forget that he didn’t know what he didn’t know and his head was smashed to pieces in a posh hotel room at the Sofitel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia when it was decided he was the man who knew too much.  You need to get some quick free legal and accounting advice here because it’s stranger than fiction.

The other Hollywood film you have never seen and might never unless there’s a Dallas Buyers Club miracle is about a guy named Gelignite Jack Murray who drove the longest, toughest, car race on the planet: The legendary REDEX ’round Australia rally in the early 1950’s.  His car passing tactics were to throw dynamite (gelignite) at other cars.  At one point the $40m budget was thought to have been secured and ‘CON AIR’ , ‘LARA CROFT’ and ‘EXPENDABLES 2’ director Simon West was attached to direct. What happened to that movie?  The main investor was a multi-millionaire physician who owned a football team before he was sent to Federal Prison for allegedly hiring a convicted hitman to collect a debt.  It gets weirder…

Some people have problems with directions, or parking.  I have problems with zippers and shoelaces and this has plagued me for 60+ years. And no I’m not left-handed.  My wife is and we discussed that in an earlier episode.  And we reveal why the Big Lie of the Personal Development World was “Hugs Not Drugs”.  Whoever thought hugs were better than drugs obviously never did any Class A narcotics.  But don’t try this at home, kids, it’s just a memorable cautionary tale from someone who was ravenously hungry at the conclusion of the podcast.

Inspiring people, companies and things to investigate from this week where you can find the breathtaking beauty right in front of you if you look up when you walk down your own street.

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Brasseries of Light Photography by James McDonald