Welcome to the Penultimate Episode…Christmas Bonus Extravaganza! Exclusive Australian legend Tony Bonner interview “From Skippy to Shakespeare, to Hell and Back”, How Snorting A Llama Can Cure Covid-19 WuFlu, 100 Good Reasons to Bomb China, CATS RULE!!!: Apex Feline Cat takes out the Gold at International Dog Show, Why Most Other Podcasts Generally Suck, I Present the Hottest Chick in Town, Fashion Passion Competition, The Best 23 Countries in the World + the rest

Yep, it’s true.  Like The Sopranos, Friends, Deadwood and all the good shit, THE WAY IT IS is about to be Gone Baby Gone.  This is the Penultimate Ep 40…and next week’s is all she wrote.  Dark Forces have descended upon us, and I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours.  But there’s no crying in baseball or podcasting!  So I’m cheering you up with a bonus 30 minutes of ‘strewth and consequences with Aussie mench, legend, actor, writer, director and coach TONY BONNER.   We go to the zoo to get up close and personal with the Ultimate Llama (not the Dalai Lama) to cure WuFlu.  Smash some guitars with us for the world record.  Drink often, and heavily because it’s the holiday season.  Guess which designers your podcaster is wearing and win prizes to test your 40 episode knowledge!

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