How Coming Out as a Republican Killed a Hollywood Career…(until the Phoenix Rose Again to Smash the Hypocrisy): The Antonio Sabato, Jr interview, Oktoberfest Special! German Invasion 3.0!! (Just don’t mention the Instagram), Best Munich Shopping Experience, Oz Premier Daniel Andrews thanks his lucky stars Australia doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment, Your Breath..My Death (How to tell a friend), Sayonara Kenzo, Lovecraft goes AWAY, Don’t Fear The WuFLu, Big Ass Telescopes Solve Big Bang (not the TV show)…

In a gloriously international Episode XXIX (29) we go full-on to Germany for Oktoberfest and show you where to shop and the cool ageless German couple invading our Insta. While there let’s stay at the best hotel in old town, and go to one of the coolest department stores on the planet you don’t know about…LODENFREY.  It’s 10 days to Unterscharfuehrer Dan Andrews’ Countdown to Freedom and he better be prepared for a blitzkrieg if he fails to honour a promise.  Fantastic Actor/Model/Patriot/Hollywood standout Antonio Sabato, Jr  was riding high in Hollywood until one day when he shared his political beliefs, and everything dried up overnight.  Explore the Hollywood Leftist Hypocrisy that makes the Communist Blacklist look like a kid’s birthday party and hear how this mensch has rebuilt from scratch with a powerful new book and amazing new movie and brand new studio to buck the system in a brilliant, revealing INTERVIEW.  There is a big ass telescope that is called the Very Large Telescope and it’s revealed to me everything you need to know about the Earth and your future.  SuperJap KENZO has passed at 81, and his legendary work is remembered as we see if the King of Elwood had anything to do with his demise.  Back to the past we run over a dog in Sioux City en route to Leif Erikson pool, and learn if you can tell a friend they have halitosis.  🙂


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