Master of Minecraft: Interview with 9-year-old LOCKED DOWN for 5% of his entire life! Honey Bees are way smarter than you, Japanese Whisper with Junya Watanabe’s Commes de Garcon, “Be Water My Friend”: Why Bruce Lee wasn’t wanted in Hollywood, Best Scotch Whisky in the World (Seriously), More reasons to never trust the FBI, How moronic Governor Cuomo killed the USA cinema business , Why the Tech Tyrants are the new Mafia, take The Vow…

THE DIRTY 30!  Episode XXX!  In this unusually family-friendly ep we have our second epic interview in as many weeks, but this time it’s with the future captain of industry; he who will inherit the earth:  A 9 YEAR OLD BOY, a student, who is an only child, with divorced parents, giving us his take on Melbourne’s endless LOCKDOWN GULAG and how 5% of his life has been spent.  You might be surprised…   Since BEES are the barometer of WTF is going on with the planet, it’s time to watch the barometric pressure rise as Honey Bees make way smarter decisions than you, have threesomes and bee orgies, and make decisive action on exactly where they want to go out and party and eat—just like you!   Japan is a conundrum:  They bring us grotesquely bad humans like the face that sank 1000 ships, Mazie Hirono, who probably sank The Arizona just by looking at it in Pearl Harbour.  But they also bring us great culture, food, and especially epic clothing and superstars like Junya Watanabe and my long-time fave Commes de Garcons…. in case you wondered why I look especially epic this week in WHAT YOUR PODCASTER IS WEARING.  They also (Japan) make epic whisky as you know, but this week I’m drinking the best SCOTCH WHISKY on the planet, and we’ll open a flagon together.  Ever since Efrem Zimbalist, Jr died and took all the good agents with him (other than the ones in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) there’s been a lot of reason to not trust the FBI, especially since they conspired with the CIA to spy on the Republican election campaign in 2016 when weaponized by the dark witch and Barry.  But Clint Eastwood’s latest movie shows how they can really fuck up your life if they suspect you of something you never did if they need a victim and you fit the profile.  There’s nothing like a good sex trafficking series to relax the family and The Vow is the hottest brand in town.  Check out a local Aussie film from a few years ago that no one saw but is worth hunting down about the white Aussie guy on the podium at Mexico City with Black Power Gloved Tommy Smith and John Carlos.  Come watch with me… The heavy MARS energy and NEPTUNE impulses in our charts this week has put extreme psychic visions and ridiculous comfort food in our lives.  I’m a takin’ you to Harlem to pig out on WAFFLES and FRIEND CHICKEN at Silvia’s Soul Kitchen and you will thank me!

Plus all your regular faves and make sure the whole family listens to this one..or else. 🙂

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Photo by: John Nacion/STAR MAX/IPx 2020 10/5/20 A view of Regal Cinema in Times Square, New York City on October 5, 2020. Regal Cinemas, the second-largest operator of theaters in the United States, plans to close all 500 US theaters affecting some 40,000 employees as the coronavirus pandemic ravages the film industry.