About Us


Bobby Galinsky hails from the cornfields of Iowa in the USA. Which used to be a place where you’d leave the car unlocked, the house unlocked, and everyone was happy if the farmers were happy. And once every four years Iowa would become famous for 10 seconds as the Iowa caucuses used to be noteworthy as the first major contest of the United States presidential primary season. That’s when Iowans used to be “representative” of the USA. Some people said that’s not true anymore, but then again, some people said ‘something happened to some people’ on 9/11.

Bobby attended the University of Colorado (Boulder) in the halcyon days of the early 70’s, and spent the next 50 years in the entertainment industry as a writer/producer and an errant marketing Nostradamus; split between Southern California in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s and then Australia since 1994.

Besides his own creations he has presented to 1000’s of people worldwide on how the physical and metaphysical can be combined to form a successful career in the entertainment industry without having to sleep your way to the top (or work your way to the top post #meToo). And he has personally coached and mentored some of the most successful and innovative young superstars of film and TV.

He is largely conservative, insanely passionate about free speech and integrity of thought and goal-pursuit without gender-colour-age-political agenda. And that makes him a unicorn in the entertainment industry, as opposed to an ageing Jewish white man barking at the moon.