EPILOGUE: THE WAY IT IS is now the way it was…so it’s time for a KING HIT (The silence was killing you)


It’s been an epic year, well–41 weeks consecutively… that concluded on New Year’s Day 2021 bringing you THE WAY IT IS–Official Bobby Galinsky Podcast

Thanks to you three of the podcasts hit into the Top 10 of downloads for their individual weeks, so it’s good to know there’s a lot of ‘like minded people’ out there in the world, and at the very least some people with ‘open minds’ who like parts of each week’s little ‘fireside chats’.

I’ll be back with something, sometime–I know not when– when dark clouds have dissipated and the time is right.

Maybe.  Hopefully.  Possibly. Perhaps not.  Who knows?

Until that time, a real, from the heart, sincere “THANK YOU” for listening and #MakingPodcastingGreatAgain 🙂    For the overwhelming support and feedback I’d received on “What Your Podcaster Is Wearing” and other arts-related minutia, please visit my Instagram from time to time for #TheFridayThread:  https://www.instagram.com/cinerg/ 

And, if you would, please continue to share, subscribe if you haven’t so you’ll be the first to know what you don’t know that you don’t know when it happens.  And remember the theme of the podcast:  that most people mean well, most people are generally nice, however most people are lazy and not too bright (you know who I’m talking about), and since you’re a listener of the podcast you know you are brilliant and ebullient and ridiculously good-looking.  Feel sorry for the rest of the mob…and enjoy life while it lasts.  When it ends, you probably won’t get a reminder notice.

It’s better than any other dimension or alternative that I’m currently aware of so basically I’d make the most of what we do know that we do know for sure…

Fino a quando un giorno ci incontreremo di nuovo in questa vita in qualche forma