The Greatest Beer Ad in History That Never Ran, Your Free Trip To Paris is Ready, Hunter Biden’s Tech Tips for Aspiring Grifters, Forget Trump and Biden–here’s the difference in the parties, Welcome to The Rock, Hot Italian Mom Goes Fashionista, Searching for a Moderate Muslim in France without Losing Your Head, Your Chance for Your Say in the Podcast, Vodka for Breakfast…

Episode 31 puts us a week before Halloween and less than a fortnight before the US Election.  I’ll walk us back to the late 70’s for a Mad Men experience that is like no other advertising saga you’ve ever heard.  Then I’ll show you why it doesn’t matter if the whole world has WuFlu…I’m sending you to Paris and Darren Star will ensure the trip is a good one.  As Ben Shapiro says: “Your feelings may care about facts…but facts don’t care about your feelings” so lets see how everyone feels about the former VP and Presidential candidate’s son opening dad up to international blackmail potential and payoffs?  We explore the US election with one policy sans candidates: Immigration    And speaking of immigration, how are things working out for France these days??  Learn how to draw pictures of Mohammed the Prophet without losing your head…  Get spaced out on The Rock, and watch why NASA is putting BEES (yes, BEES!) instead of canaries into the coal mine.   There is a secret discovery of Italian fashion in Italy and it’s time she got exposed.  What’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Vodka, of course….HONEY Vodka.

And we go down and deep to ask YOU, the listeners WTF you really want to hear more of after 30 weeks of testing the waters before we go up on video…

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The westernmost edge of the U.S. border wall separates Tijuana from San Diego. Most undocumented immigrants in this country did not enter the U.S. at the Southern border.

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