When Porsches Murder/Suicide: The Brief But Epic Life and Death of a Favourite Friend, Academy Awards Madness, Aussie Entrepreneurs Are Here To Take Your Identity, Why Fire Ants and Gasoline Don’t Mix, Remembering ‘Some People Who Did Something’ on 9/11/2001, The Problem With Nebraska, 7 Weeks without Politics Detox, Best Tequila ever, Italian/French Fashion, & I Get My Cake And Eat It


In this kickoff of a seven week digital podcast detox without US Election Politics before we go full “Flamethrower” on October 23rd, we have the most inclusive podast of all—just like the new Academy Awards Best Picture Fiasco.  The Brief Life and Death of my Porsche and it’s Murder/Suicide Finale. 1971-1975 and how the state of Nebraska contributed to an early misunderstood family carjacking.  1971 revisits to my last year in Sioux City, Iowa and trials and travails attempting to deal with dodge car dealers.  Lo and Behold! Did you know every time you leave your house there’s an Aussie entrepreneur ready to take your online photos and harvest them and combine them with your geographic information and sell it anyone and everyone including government agencies?   And they think the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) protects them?   Watch this space and listen up!  I found the best tequila on the planet and am sharing it with you to save you years of drinking bad booze.  Plus a cheap epic red for dinner to balance out the budget.  I couldn’t go to France or Italy on holiday but I found a great investment piece of clothing to cheer me up from the best of both lands and put on for the show.  Plus, (really) the best lockdown cake you can make yourself in no time…seriously 🙂

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18947 Fire ant – Solenopsis invicta