Why Your Family Memories from the Snow Globe of Life (and you) Are Disappearing, Sucking Out the Truth From the Tentacles of ‘My Octopus Teacher’, Cliff Notes & Fallout from Presidential Debates 1.0, Best Rock & Roll Bio In Years, Full Moon Realities, Chinese Plague Conversations, How Burberry made the UK a world power once again, You’re next Extinction Burst is about to happen! ++ sneak peak at how Jagger Cates’s Antonio Sabato, Jr dodged Hollywood political hypocritical to start a new wave of his own in my exclusive podcast interview

Episode XXVIII goes full erudite and variety pack to cover all your needs and bases.

My Yom Kippur confession is that I lied and I can’t not talk about politics before Halloween, so you’ll get the 2 Minute Warning Cliff Notes from the first Presidential Debates.  An accidental discovery on an old videotape brought my parents back to live for a brief shining moment like memories locked inside a snow dome, and why you MUST secure your memories before they (or you) disappear forever.  If you don’t know who Mark Lanegan or The Screaming Trees were, I know you will soon—the best rock and roll bio for our times past, present, and future.   Netflix’s MY OCTOPUS TEACHER is amazeballs but I dive deep and use my tentacles to bring some back story and reveals to how it all came to be, and why you’ll never order calamari ever again.  No, Riccardo Tesci is not leaving Burberry for Versace but he has made Brittainia rule the fashion waves again and I show why with my amazing old pins 🙂   When you smash that Coke machine because it’s jammed, you now understand how the #fakeNews media reacts with the Extinction Burst Theory gone wild.  Everywhere you look top hotels around the world are falling victim to the Chinese Plague, and it’s the condition your condition is in that forecasts what’s next on the horizon and it ain’t looking good.  Plus go to granny’s kitchen and stop bitchin’ ’cause we gots da Pineapple Upside Down Cake and all your usual and unusual faves + epic Jagger Cates interview preview for next week as we get political and dodge Hollywood hypocritical with my Antonio Sabato, Jr. EXCLUSIVE podcast interview.

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