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How Ruth Bader Ginsburg dug her own grave with Make-A-Wish, Have you lost your mind?? (No, you haven’t…you’ve been Gaslighted), Destroying evidence proves that the Mueller Probe has tons to hide, Emmy Do’s & Don’ts, Your Life Philosophy is your story-writing philosophy, Barefoot Boys out & about 120,000 years ago, the tsunami of Posh Hotel Closures begins + Summer is brimming: Best hats & bevvies

EPISODE XXVII (27) goes where nobody dares to go

RBG is Gone-Baby-Gone, and the gloves are off for Kavanagh 2.0.  99.84% of you are probably thinking you’re losing your f—–g mind but trust me….if you’re a loyal listener–you’re not.  You’re being Gaslit by the media and morons.  The Truth Revealed.   The Bob Mueller/Andy Weissman Witch-Hunt-Society could be the dumb & dumber of tech fail as DOZENS of their mobile phones are discovered serendipitously wiped just as the IG comes calling.   The EMMYs reach a new audience low but still manage some unique moments.   If you have a great life philosophy, your writing will reflect it.  If your life sucks, your writing will reflect it.  Hollywood’s greatest writing coach (and moi) weigh in on your life.  Why cash-strapped towns are trying to steal money from streamers and why it has to stop STAT!

Plus SCIENCE BITCHES goes Full Neanderthal.  WHAT IS YOUR PODCASTER WEARING? (& drinking/eating)  goes from top (hats) to (bottom) of the cocktail shaker.

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THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!!, Why Adam and Eve were DEFINITELY white, The History of The Universe, How To Blow Your Shofar (sic) (“Which chauffeur?” –Don Lemon), Putting Out Fire (Ants) with Gasoline, The Difference Between Austria & Germany, The Problem with New Zealand, Eye-Popping Purple Fashion, Which Shiraz for a 10am start?, ++++

EPISODE XXVI (26) goes hot and heavy.

Russian interference?  Hillary warned us!  I guess she meant the Melbourne, Australia Lord Mayor Race.  Bring on the Russians!   I end the age-old conundrum about whether Adam and Eve were white or black, and how God ever could have wrestled a rib away so easily.   Tonight it’s Rosh Hashanah, and us Jews will be blowing shofars all over the joint.  Find out why CNN’s Don Lemon wanted to convert until he realized he got the syntax wrong, just like he gets everything wrong.  Remember those Fire Ants I warned you about?  I sorted those little stingy bitches out and I share my trade secrets that might save your family or at least your toes and lawn.  A lot of people mix up Austria and Germany.  There’s a profound difference between strudel in the oven and Jews in the the oven.  I simplify things for you.  And what really is going on in The Land of the Wrong White Crowd?  I share the problem with New Zealand and Kiwis.   ICYMI?  The Falcon and the Snowman, and Rounders.   The Good Liar is not a good film, and why TV journalists are general worst some of the worst people ever.

Plus all your faves:  Epic eye-burning fashion, which Shiraz for 9am in the morning, and how to make a secret sacred Whey / Cassian protein shake so you never have to sleep and can keep those 25kg off.

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When Porsches Murder/Suicide: The Brief But Epic Life and Death of a Favourite Friend, Academy Awards Madness, Aussie Entrepreneurs Are Here To Take Your Identity, Why Fire Ants and Gasoline Don’t Mix, Remembering ‘Some People Who Did Something’ on 9/11/2001, The Problem With Nebraska, 7 Weeks without Politics Detox, Best Tequila ever, Italian/French Fashion, & I Get My Cake And Eat It


In this kickoff of a seven week digital podcast detox without US Election Politics before we go full “Flamethrower” on October 23rd, we have the most inclusive podast of all—just like the new Academy Awards Best Picture Fiasco.  The Brief Life and Death of my Porsche and it’s Murder/Suicide Finale. 1971-1975 and how the state of Nebraska contributed to an early misunderstood family carjacking.  1971 revisits to my last year in Sioux City, Iowa and trials and travails attempting to deal with dodge car dealers.  Lo and Behold! Did you know every time you leave your house there’s an Aussie entrepreneur ready to take your online photos and harvest them and combine them with your geographic information and sell it anyone and everyone including government agencies?   And they think the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) protects them?   Watch this space and listen up!  I found the best tequila on the planet and am sharing it with you to save you years of drinking bad booze.  Plus a cheap epic red for dinner to balance out the budget.  I couldn’t go to France or Italy on holiday but I found a great investment piece of clothing to cheer me up from the best of both lands and put on for the show.  Plus, (really) the best lockdown cake you can make yourself in no time…seriously 🙂

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18947 Fire ant – Solenopsis invicta

Chadwick Boseman’s Dark Secret Cover-Up, Up Close & Personal with Lesbian Mice, If Muhammad Ali had a Twitter Account, Behind the Scenes with director Michael Mann, #WhyCupcakesMatter, Let’s Go Postal: The REAL Truth of the USA Elections Myths, You have An Appointment In Samarra, It’s Ladies Night & Peter Pilotto is waiting for you, Cliff Notes on the DEM and REPUBLICAN Conventions takeaways & Extra Goodness Inside

Episode XXIV (24) DIRTY DOZEN!

They said we’d never make it to five and now we’re at two dozen….

RIP Chadwick Boseman and his legacy but there’s a dark secret there his agent and manager have some explainin’ to do.   Hot Lesbian Mice reveal the secrets to their dark escapades and Their Chemical Romance.   We go behind the scenes with uber-Director Michael Mann as he shares a most intimate and revealing story about the making of ALI with WILL SMITH.  There are Cupcakes…and there’s the Post Office.  What happens when they are combined like a parfait to bring joy to incarcerated families, and how does this explain the USPS #fakeNews hoax about how the November election will be dis-enabled?  The 1…2…3…rules of the US Election that can’t be explained away, but can be explained by me.   There are many great writers but in the past 100 years the most underacted novelist of the English language is John O’Hara.  We go back in time to explain why.   Podcaster Fashion Passion goes full Ladies Night with the designer of Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress and UK Fashion Week’s wunderkind(s).

Plus, enough extra material for an epic bonus show that will leave you on the canvas like a right hook from Ali.

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Katie Jones/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (9982486ao)
Chadwick Boseman
Variety Actors on Actors, Day 2, Los Angeles, USA – 18 Nov 2018

John O’ Hara 1938

Dress by PETER PILOTTO, Bond Street, Mayfair UK

Fear & Loathing At The Democratic National Convention, The Smartest Woman In The Room Slices The Knot, Mormon Sin City Frontman Delivers One of the Best Rock Albums of the Decade (Seriously!), English Bikie Clobber Can Make You Hot Like Young Kate Moss & David Beckham, Start Spreading the News: NYC, Chicago, Seattle & Portland are Doomed, The Block Invades Brighton & We Surrender, Obama Administration FBI Lawyer Pleads Guilty of Assisting Spying on Trump Campaign as the plot thickens..

Episode XXIII Travels the World to poke in at the Democratic National Convention’s ClusterF**k of Evil, and tiptoes through Melania’s Rose Garden at the Republican National Convention’s preview of the next four years.   The smartest chick straight out of GOOD WILL HUNTING walks into a bar, and solves a 50 year-old-riddle at one of the most prominent Universities in the world:  The Conway Knot       How can a good Mormon family guy living in Las Vegas head up a band called THE KILLERS that is unmatched from album to album but really raise the bar into ‘icon-legend-pinnacle’ status with their new release which is one for the ages?  Listen up!     Bobby’s Brighton Bake Off comes up with a calorie-laden dessert to take him out of last week’s doldrums with more goodness than a month at church.   And a nigh-century old British Bikie icon sets fashion alight (again) in these trying times with my fave new Blighty-hotness for this week.  Come into my closet with me….   Get one last look at Nancy Pelosi before she self-immolates and is called back by Satan to her home for eternity, and see why the previously shocked Brighton (VIC) locals have now embraced Channel Nine’s THE BLOCK invasion and why a judge who wears my spectacle brand is a new local hero.    And we find Obama Administration key FBI Assistant General Counsel Kevin Cllinesmith pleads guilty to spying on Trump campaign via tampered FISA warrants.  This is going to open up a floodgate… and you heard it here first.

BELSTAFF Outlaws 17 Minute Movie

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First actual photo of a tornado, FN Robertson Choose One…

FBI Traitor Kevin Clinesmith who pleaded guilty to spying on Trump campaign via fake FISA warrant tampering on Carter Page.  “Thanks Obama” ….stay tuned.

Boston Bomber’s New Lease On Life, DNC:When They Go Low….We Go Even Lower, Israeli-UAE Love Fest Freaks Out Stone Age Muslims, The Greatest Sports Coach Of All Time?, Shove A Pineapple Up Your Nose For Wu Flu, No More Shrimps on the Barbie in Bayside, How Black Do You Have To Be? Hope For The Civilized Economy, I’m Coming Out of the Closet…with Rick Owens

Episode XX11 is here for you with new fresh surprises!  We skip lightly past the Democratic National Convention.  Why one of the worst human beings (?) in history is escaping the death penalty (Thanks, Obama…)  Can Cheating Be Normalized in Society?  Bayside Brutal Bitches Bringing Badass Beach BBQ Bans!   Hollywood Producer’s “obsession with our OBLIGATION to have white-privileged films remade for audiences of colour”  (I’m serious…really!)  I’m dancing in the closet with the Rimbaud-iconoclastic dark prince of fashion.  Can Jew-on Jew crime be a new sub genre of violence?

CNN’s Don Lemon and April Ryan fight over Kamala Harris’ “blackness”

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Chi avrebbe mai pensato che saremmo arrivati qui? An Artist for our Time: The Exclusive Richard Payne Interview, Why Lockdowns Are The Definition of Insanity , the Magic of Yves Saint Lauren & Jardin Majorelle, The Democratic Duo to Destroy Democracy, Stephen King fail, Homage to a Son

Episode XXI speaks from beyond the moroccan palms where Yves Saint Lauren rests for eternity.  Our 2nd historical series interview finds hot artist RICHARD PAYNE at home in the wilds of Daylesford, Victoria talking about his past and art’s future which his work personifies.  NY Governor Mario Cuomo says it like it isn’t, and proves in his own words why lockdowns are the definition of insanity and sets a new low for history.  It’s happened, the UK has sunk to it’s lowest economic point in history.  “Thanks China” and modern medical advice.  The Haunting of Sioux City, Iowa circa 1965  When Joe Biden learns who his Vice-Presidential running mate is next week how will he react?   We do 3rd grade math with crayons to show you why the Left has no clue and America is 80+ days from doom if Sleepy and Grumpy get in.  Stephen King books often don’t translate to film like they should, but when they do, they should be left the fuck alone for eternity and not rebooted or made into sequels.  Plus history, fashion, booze, tax-free battles,


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Victoria Lockdown Stage 5 Secrets Revealed! EMMYs Preview, Why Mail Voting in USA Election Is Ridiculously Dangerous, Who Just Flew Out Of The Cuckoo’s Nest into an Amazeballs Netflix Series? Witch Trials Origins, What Makes Roger Bannister Run? UK Virus Meal Deal, Why the Hiroshima/Nagasaki 75th anniversary is a nice trailer for what Beijing has coming, Epic Chocolate, Fine Wine, and a last slice of Coon Cheese in my Washington Redskins tee as I watch Disney’s MULAN on Apple+

Episode 20 (XX) reveals the secret Andrews Government STAGE 5 Lockdown plan (EXCLUSIVE)   Why the EMMYs (c) are more important than the Academy Awards (c) this year.   If you’re thinking POTUS is nuts being worried about postal voting in the US election, it’s something you’d best ‘go postal’ about.   One of the most important American films of all times gets a new original story on Netflix from crazy-ass genius Ryan Murphy.   How the Mueller Witch Trials actually began in Switzerland on this day in 1428.   If China had sent bombs around the world killing a million people, a war would begin.  That war HAS begun.  On the 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we revel in how nice a tactical boutique mushroom cloud could look over Beijing in Instagram photos.  The 4 Minute Mile was only part of Roger Bannister’s story.  Accidental epic chocolate discovery from Sydney family business to delight you.  Fine VIC wine only 10 mins away…by tractor.  My Last Coon (cheese) has a tea party with the last Washington Redskins T ever sold.   Boris Johnson’s UK “China Virus Meal Deal” is the new hotness for recovery

Plus all your ‘best service’ shout outs, US/UK/OZ politics, fashion, movies, TV, and why you don’t have to see it to believe it….  you have to first believe it to see it.

RATCHED Trailer:

MULAN Trailer:

CHAMPION: The Franz Stampfl Story Trailer:

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How A Lazy Chocoholic Like Me Lost 50 pounds & Kept It Off A Decade & Still Remains A Treat-Fiend, Mallory Before Hillary (Not…that THAT Hillary) On Mt. Everest Movie, Hong Kong Emergency, Free Speech vs. Fear of Suppression, The Joy of revisiting Joy, The Light of Luce movie, Why Merging Art & Fashion Can Save Your Life, Why Jews Don’t Play the Victim Card

Episode 19, 31 July 2020 delves into weighty issues, and climbs new mountains and scales new summits:

From 104.9kg to 83.9kg (~50 pounds gone!) and maintaining it for a decade.  Your podcaster’s lifestyle change that doesn’t negate chocolate or alcohol.  The best “VB” I’ver ever had.  Villerory and Boch, not Victoria Bitter.   I know George Mallory beat Sir Edmund Hillary to the top of Mount Everest.  Here’s why and here’s the movie that will give the man his due in history.  Can We Save Hong Kong Before It’s Too Late?  FEAR of Free Speech has overtaken Our Right and Love of Free Speech. Jews Aren’t Victims.  JOY revisited… one of the most overlooked films of the decade.  Why LUCE is a ‘must see’ film and not getting the attention it deserves.

@mickysart @villeroyboch #hongkong #GeorgeMallory #Everest #SirHillaryNotThatHillary @michaelsheen @benchildgeek @screendaily @jeff_Jacoby @chiefpear @capeyorkpart

Should Cats Be Allowed To Vote? Netflix’s $200m New Gamble, Masterchef Conspiracy? #Make Vigilantism Great Again, You’re Not Safe At Home in St. Louis, Shokunin Kishitsu (職人気質) is my Life, Never Have A Bus Drop You At A 6-Star Hotel, Why Descente, Chambord Floaters & IWC Watches Are Your Winter Warmers

#TheGreyMan #RyanGosling #ChrisEvans #IWC #Bally #DeathWish #StLouisInjustice #Netflix #Variety #BrettLang #Apple #MasterChefAustralia #Chambord #Descente #CatsCanVote #LVMH #BathUK #GeorgianArchitecture #Shokuninkishitsu #職人気質