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The best things in life come every 7 years (dissecting 63 UP movie), How I picked Austria from Miss Scantleberry and ended up in Australia, Up close and personal with Leo D’, & how multiculturalism doesn’t work with taxis.

In Episode 6, we go short n’ sweet with two key featurettes after last week’s epic journey.

1.  We dissect 63 UP, the 9th and most recent instalment of the epic UP SERIES, created in 1964 with director Michael Apted (Gorillas in the Mist, The World is Not Enough, Gorky Park, Chronicles of Narnia). Tracing the life of a dozen British school children as they’ve grown, and how I’ve grown alongside them since seeing ’14 Up’ at an art cinema in Omaha, Nebraska, and having a bucket list experience meeting one of the stars, Tony Walker on a recent trip to London.  “Up” was the first ‘reality series’ on TV and there is no more important documentary nor will there ever be another like it, and Tony is all of us, as we are him.  A very reflective experience looking back on my entire life through through the lens of history and other eyes.

2. Then we pull Austria out of a hat in 2nd grade at Lincoln School in Sioux City and end up in Sydney, Australia  in 1994 where love and success are manifest….what a long strange trip it’s been…

Quick updates on the trials and travails of life under Unterscharführer Victorian Premiere Daniel Andrews, and how NY Governor Cuomo is living proof that the twin-tower traits of abject moronity and failure is attractive to many people.

We examine the war between Universal Studios and North American cinemas (as they are on the precipice of reopening) because Universal stole Trolls World Tour from them and gave it away to streamers, and why Hollywood from stem to stern is the least self-actualized industry of all and sits at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy.

We close with an up close and personal reflection of Leo D’, that’s Leonard Da Vinci, not Leonardi DiCaprio, but you’ll get a different kind of reward out of it just like I did when I was forced to clean every cupboard in the house by The Boss©

Plus all the regular tidbits of fun, fashion, Mystic Medusa and more in a streamlined version to enjoy!





Social distancing protocol, Is a stranger’s life more valuable than your business? Best nightclubs ever, Adios California, Ascolta cagna!, Don’t drink the milk!, Great customer service is better than sex

In Episode 5 we are having a very cosmic zombie kind of week with Jupiter and Pluto at opposition and you know what THAT means!   Dreams of days gone by, people we loved and lost in the past, and epic memories from my youth and adolescence.   Everyone this week would have been having strange ‘walking dead’ dreams whether you’re on Ambien or just boredom and they’ve come flying into my subconscious and I’ve exorcised them into this podcast for you!   Whether it’s drinking the wrong milk, or your housemate shooting at President Carter with a crossbow on your new television, this pod’s for you.

We discuss the ultimate conundrum at our doorsteps:  Is some old guy you never knew who died on a cruise ship somewhere more valuable than your business or job?  What’s the trade- off? Is every life sacred, or only those of the ones we know and love?  People are going to die anyway, but is living a life on your knees better than no life at all for those people least equipped to be ‘zen’ about loss?

Knowing this lockdown will all end like a 5 day MDMA binge at your fave 80’s nightclub, we revisit the best around the world and discuss why the Wuhan Virus is like a nightclub binge when it all ends.  And knowing when it ends the consumers will be back in the stores, or working in stores, why my obsession with customer service (giving and receiving) can be more fulfilling and lasting than sex, depending on the service and depending on the sex of course. 

Speaking of sex, revisiting THE AFFAIR as one of the best TV binges of the last several years and the perfect re-visit for our times, and re-visiting Game of Thrones and why the final season AND episode were so perfect, even though a year ago this month many didn’t think so.   And speaking of relationships, why my wife won’t let me use the same tea towel for wiping dishes and cleaning my Porsche wheel spokes and what REALLY is behind this female tea-towel-correctness conspiracy?

Learn why living in Victoria is the closest thing to living in a fascist State while still in a Democracy, and how Fiona Apple is the hotness in music at this second if you’re listening to music on a forbidden journey (read: Tennis, Golf, Fishing, Boating) and speaking Italian every moment of the day with my mate, Duo.

And why while the California I knew and adored and still love is finished as we know it, and the reason that if you don’t live at my beach you should STAY THE F**K AWAY in your own suburb unless you learn proper Social Distancing Protocol at my beach, beeeacchhh!

48 Hours...

Why We Must Never Fight This Fight Again…EVER! Secret Gestapo maitre d’ memories, Time Travel Made Easy, & Cats Vs. Dogs

In Episode 4 it’s all about competition, comparison and time travel.  Really!  Just like in the new Netflix show DEVS which unveils some handy tips.  We unravel the age-old debate between which is better: Dogs or Cats and the current environment has been this contentious debate a fiery one.  To prove this we travel back in time to Sioux City, Iowa once more to visit old pets and find out their secrets and reveal how one of my favorite dogs never got past kindergarten, and died under mysterious circumstances, while another one had a penchant for attacking a particular visitor to my highly anticipated low stakes basement poolside poker games.

The Wu Flu has brought back the joy of analogue devices and old school courtesies as we rediscover the phone as a reason to actually call people and TALK to them, and the content of those conversations is never private when there’s a content need for a podcast, as a few of them will discover, just like you!

There’s a lot to watch and stream now, but if you’re living in Australia it’s a drama trying to find any local drama worth watching and I explain why Reality TV is king in Oz, and the benefits of watching it and why it’s actually good for you and why smart people are attracted to it.

And now that I have your trust and attention after 4 episodes,  we delve a bit deeper down paths most untrodden to try a secret mental exercise at home that TOP creatives, TOP industrialists, and TOP professionals use that could just change the way you look at self-isolation the next 21 days…. Those of you who have attended #Bobbywood Workshop/Seminars at Howard Fine Acting School (Australia), Melbourne Actor’s Lab (Peter Kalos), Toni Higginbotham Casting (Sydney), Queensland (Gold Coast, Brisbane), BAFTA Resource Seminars (London), and BNP Paribas Sponsored Cinema Learning (Paris, Munich) as well as LA, NY, and Toronto will recognize ‘The Dinner Party’.

And all the regular features such as fashion, food, fun, Mystic Medusa, and special “Win Hunter Biden’s Crack Pipe” competition*

*Subject to terms and conditions. Competition closes November 2020.

Horror films in the 50’s, Acid and High Stakes Poker, MH-17 Interview

In Episode 3 I travel back to the Uptown Cinema in Sioux City to binge on horror films in the 50’s and 60’s.  Get stuck in a high stakes poker game my freshman year at Colorado University in Boulder in the ’70’s, and lose all my tuition money to my new best friends. I will travel the Rocky Mountains on purple microdot and go to work in a restaurant on The Hill while I am trying to come down…. before losing my best stash on Highway 36 en route to Denver when The Screaming Skull freaks out from imaginary police officers and throws it out the window of The Blue Dodge Dart.  Years later after Cannes Film Festival under duress to find a new apartment I end up meeting the love of my life after setting myself on fire.  And this week our first guest interview with Dr. Kim Ko, who’s new book is a six year journey I’ve help shepherd from thought, to idea, to publication.

All this plus current events, news, Wuhan Virus musings, and why alcohol is our friend.

My Mentor Was a Murderer & Roman Polanski’s Hot Tub Time Machine

In Episode 2 we travel back in time to the 1950’s in Sioux City, Iowa, where my penchant for movies began at the Uptown Cinema on Saturday afternoons with Atticus Finch and the First Man in Outer Space.  You’ll get an insight into the local Cabals that controlled commerce in Northwest Iowa and life as I remember it.

Traversing through weeks at Aspen in the 1970’s with America’s most underrated rock band as “1978’s most dazzling but unclassifiable lead guitarist…Donner Vixxen….” we take a detour into Roman Polanski’s hot tub back when troubled Jews made the news for good achievements long before Al Gore invented the internet.

Breaking away from the treadmill at Disney to jump into the screenwriting game full time I unknowingly spent my Sundays in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood with a convicted murderer and former mental institution patient who was also a two-time Emmy nominee and Academy Award nominee—who became my mentor and coach and taught me the top-drawer ropes and tropes that launched my career.

Now my concern is why the government is taking all your (our) freedoms away under the guise of the genuine pandemic but why when it’s all over we might not get our freedoms and privacy back.

All this plus why you have to take the car keys away from your parents before it’s too late, why Larry David has recaptured his nice side in Season 10 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and why there are only 2 genders, and Trump is your President

A brief preview of next week’s first TWII Podcast guest, and several other secrets no one else wants to tell you.