Why We Must Never Fight This Fight Again…EVER! Secret Gestapo maitre d’ memories, Time Travel Made Easy, & Cats Vs. Dogs

In Episode 4 it’s all about competition, comparison and time travel.  Really!  Just like in the new Netflix show DEVS which unveils some handy tips.  We unravel the age-old debate between which is better: Dogs or Cats and the current environment has been this contentious debate a fiery one.  To prove this we travel back in time to Sioux City, Iowa once more to visit old pets and find out their secrets and reveal how one of my favorite dogs never got past kindergarten, and died under mysterious circumstances, while another one had a penchant for attacking a particular visitor to my highly anticipated low stakes basement poolside poker games.

The Wu Flu has brought back the joy of analogue devices and old school courtesies as we rediscover the phone as a reason to actually call people and TALK to them, and the content of those conversations is never private when there’s a content need for a podcast, as a few of them will discover, just like you!

There’s a lot to watch and stream now, but if you’re living in Australia it’s a drama trying to find any local drama worth watching and I explain why Reality TV is king in Oz, and the benefits of watching it and why it’s actually good for you and why smart people are attracted to it.

And now that I have your trust and attention after 4 episodes,  we delve a bit deeper down paths most untrodden to try a secret mental exercise at home that TOP creatives, TOP industrialists, and TOP professionals use that could just change the way you look at self-isolation the next 21 days…. Those of you who have attended #Bobbywood Workshop/Seminars at Howard Fine Acting School (Australia), Melbourne Actor’s Lab (Peter Kalos), Toni Higginbotham Casting (Sydney), Queensland (Gold Coast, Brisbane), BAFTA Resource Seminars (London), and BNP Paribas Sponsored Cinema Learning (Paris, Munich) as well as LA, NY, and Toronto will recognize ‘The Dinner Party’.

And all the regular features such as fashion, food, fun, Mystic Medusa, and special “Win Hunter Biden’s Crack Pipe” competition*

*Subject to terms and conditions. Competition closes November 2020.