Horror films in the 50’s, Acid and High Stakes Poker, MH-17 Interview

In Episode 3 I travel back to the Uptown Cinema in Sioux City to binge on horror films in the 50’s and 60’s.  Get stuck in a high stakes poker game my freshman year at Colorado University in Boulder in the ’70’s, and lose all my tuition money to my new best friends. I will travel the Rocky Mountains on purple microdot and go to work in a restaurant on The Hill while I am trying to come down…. before losing my best stash on Highway 36 en route to Denver when The Screaming Skull freaks out from imaginary police officers and throws it out the window of The Blue Dodge Dart.  Years later after Cannes Film Festival under duress to find a new apartment I end up meeting the love of my life after setting myself on fire.  And this week our first guest interview with Dr. Kim Ko, who’s new book is a six year journey I’ve help shepherd from thought, to idea, to publication.

All this plus current events, news, Wuhan Virus musings, and why alcohol is our friend.