Social distancing protocol, Is a stranger’s life more valuable than your business? Best nightclubs ever, Adios California, Ascolta cagna!, Don’t drink the milk!, Great customer service is better than sex

In Episode 5 we are having a very cosmic zombie kind of week with Jupiter and Pluto at opposition and you know what THAT means!   Dreams of days gone by, people we loved and lost in the past, and epic memories from my youth and adolescence.   Everyone this week would have been having strange ‘walking dead’ dreams whether you’re on Ambien or just boredom and they’ve come flying into my subconscious and I’ve exorcised them into this podcast for you!   Whether it’s drinking the wrong milk, or your housemate shooting at President Carter with a crossbow on your new television, this pod’s for you.

We discuss the ultimate conundrum at our doorsteps:  Is some old guy you never knew who died on a cruise ship somewhere more valuable than your business or job?  What’s the trade- off? Is every life sacred, or only those of the ones we know and love?  People are going to die anyway, but is living a life on your knees better than no life at all for those people least equipped to be ‘zen’ about loss?

Knowing this lockdown will all end like a 5 day MDMA binge at your fave 80’s nightclub, we revisit the best around the world and discuss why the Wuhan Virus is like a nightclub binge when it all ends.  And knowing when it ends the consumers will be back in the stores, or working in stores, why my obsession with customer service (giving and receiving) can be more fulfilling and lasting than sex, depending on the service and depending on the sex of course. 

Speaking of sex, revisiting THE AFFAIR as one of the best TV binges of the last several years and the perfect re-visit for our times, and re-visiting Game of Thrones and why the final season AND episode were so perfect, even though a year ago this month many didn’t think so.   And speaking of relationships, why my wife won’t let me use the same tea towel for wiping dishes and cleaning my Porsche wheel spokes and what REALLY is behind this female tea-towel-correctness conspiracy?

Learn why living in Victoria is the closest thing to living in a fascist State while still in a Democracy, and how Fiona Apple is the hotness in music at this second if you’re listening to music on a forbidden journey (read: Tennis, Golf, Fishing, Boating) and speaking Italian every moment of the day with my mate, Duo.

And why while the California I knew and adored and still love is finished as we know it, and the reason that if you don’t live at my beach you should STAY THE F**K AWAY in your own suburb unless you learn proper Social Distancing Protocol at my beach, beeeacchhh!

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