On the Trail of the Hollywood Con Queen Part 2! The “No Politics/No Rioting” Podcast!, Friends Reunion On! Return of the Giant Terrorist Anti-Semitic Slime: Jeremy Corbyn is back…How Your Brain Forms Sensory Memories, (The Australian State that Locks Down All It’s Serial Killers for a Week, How I Lost My Ability to Speak English In England, Super Bowl Entertainment Preview, Christopher Nolan’s New Not-So-Blockbuster Blockbuster, Michael Bay’s WuFlu Movie Preview, Enjoy Our Free Paint-By-Number Fantastic Cartoons of Muhammed the Prophet App, Another Japanese Fashion Invasion!

Yes, it’s Episode 35….

We continue the multi-part dramatization of the most amazing con job in Hollywood history as we close in on the suspect…or is it suspects?  Avoiding the US election which still marches on we check the damage from all the riots, fires, looting and murders that Republicans have embarked upon destroying city after city since Election Night.  (If we can find one)  Hotness Super-Model Dating Crooner about to headline the Super Bowl halftime show next February.  Why can’t we have friends….?  We do!  The Friends Reunion is on!   One of the worst human beings walking the earth has returned from exile in less than a month as the UK Labor Party welcomes the Duke of Detritus back with open arms.  Your little brains (or BIG brains if you’re a subscriber!) forms sensory memories in a very cool way.  I open the cerebral cortex and explore and bring back the info.  South Australia has good wine and most of our serial killers and no much else.  Why we’ve locked it up and locked it down for your safety.   Our cinemas opened and I saw TENET in a 635 seat mega wide screen uber cinemas….with 19 other people.  I saw it all without any visits to the men’s room and give you the 411.  The WuFlu Films are Coming!  The WuFlu Films are Coming!  I bring you Michael Bay’s first!  I go back into the closet and think I’m turning Japanese (again).  If you thought women were bad drivers and bad pilots, lets remember the anniversary of the Hubble Telescope Fiasco this week 🙂  And special bonus paint-by-number Muhammed the Prophet Cartoon kit inside!

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LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 06: (EDITORS NOTE – This image has been converted to black and white) Oakland Raiders helmet is seen on the field after the game between Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 06, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)