Thanksgiving Bonus Special Feature Length Episode! Australian Filmmakers “Intimacy Code” gets Unhappy Ending, Witch Hunt in the Desert: The ADF Fiasco, Adios ‘Mano de Dios’, Why Women Can’t Be Trusted in Outer Space, Friedrich Nietzsche is here to help, Hot Miami Fashion & Why I’m a Closet Hooligan, Hunting the Con Queen of Hollywood Part 3, Nothing To Sneeze At: Why Congestion Is Snot Good for WuFlu :)

Perfect XXXVI (36) means Ep 36 is your Super Bonus Turkey Day Worldwide Extra Feature Length Podcast to get you through the Loooooong Weekend without travel, football, or whatever you’d normally do.  For the Rest of the World it’s just a tutorial on how to have fun AND learn the facts you need to win any argument in any dinner conversation with family, friends, or enemies!   We do into the dark recesses of Afghanistan to find out what’s really going to happen with the ADF (Australian Defence Force) war crimes saga.  We talk turkey with the Indians we killed in 1621 when the Thanksgiving Holiday took a new direction in Olde New England.  Why the USA is going to be one big Petri Dish after all this celebrating and congregating and travel.  Adios Diego Maradona.  There was none better (Sorry Pele). Why Nietzsche is here to save us in troubling times!  Amazing Italian luxe soccer hooligan fashion I was completely unaware of I’d been sucked into, and the hottest Miami fashion dresses for ladies who lunch….or travel if you’re allowed!  How did Nespresso coffee pods go from 58 cents to $3.50 per pod?   Blame Mazie Hirono!   If you have a cold, your nose is now transmogrified into a WuFlu Jet!  Find out why from the National Science Foundation.  Why some Liberals and Dinosaurs have the same brains.  And all your faves and soooo much more!  Almost 90 minutes of goodness!

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