WTF is Wrong With You People??? Wait Till You Need A Cop, Can You Murder Your Family for $$ and Get Away With It at White House Farm?, Best and Worst Police Memories, Why I Covered My 5-Y-Old Son With Insects After He Watched CREEPSHOW, Exposing the Fake Dossier, and why Craig Green is the Lean Fashion Machine We Love

In a milestone Episode 12 we take refuge from a worldwide pandemic of rioting, looting, and revisionist morons that makes the Wuhan Flu look like the common cold. Right now while you’re listening to this podcast in the comfort and safety of your home, work, holiday, brothel, spa, church, synagogue, crack house, car, or wherever you are….there are those who want to make your tomorrow less safe than today and take away the ability for you to have police protecting your family, life, and city.  And no, it’s not just ‘defunding and reorganizing’…it’s completely DISMANTLING the police.   Find out why when love of family, spirituality, and respect are gone, civilization goes with it.

Along on that note, these people are coming for our history, and they’re starting with our statues and artefacts.  Hopefully, the Two Abes (Lincolns) in Sioux City are safe.   Plus fond memories of two good cops I remember growing up, and a couple of less good ones in Boulder, Colorado and Lubbock, Texas.

Seen any good classic TV shows or movies lately?  You’ll be seeing less and less as studios and streamers take down and eviscerate things that #BLM and the THOUGHT POLICE think aren’t suitable for you anymore ranging from Little Britain to GONE WITH THE WIND.  This is the end of times, folks.

On a bright note, deciding to kill your family of 5 including yourself (Party of Five, anyone?) vs. just killing them and blaming it on a schizophrenic relative’s murder-suicide is a conundrum most of us won’t face, or at least more than once.  The absolutely riveting WHITE HOUSE FARM hits our TV screens from the UK (US and Australia) and a local Melbourne boy is the scribe behind this must-see 4 part series that is both whodunit, and whydonit and based on the true 1985 family massacre in Essex, UK.

Your podcaster gets done up in CRAIG GREEN at one of Australia’s most iconic family businesses, HARROLDS in Melbourne.  Find out why they are the hotness that stacks up against any international store, and why ‘family matters’ with them and why my search for the best good-old-fashioned service has a major pit stop there.

Have you ever taken your young child to a horror movie and then ensured he thought it was real?  Probably not…but your podcaster did and recalls this in a homage to his late son on the precipice of both his first Father’s Day without him, as well as that of his children.

Plus all your faves, Mystic Medusa excitement, This Day In History, and shout outs around the globe.

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