Bringing out the Dead: Dark Tales from the U.S. Election, How A German Camera Saved The Jews in WW2, Sean (Connery) of the Dead, Commitment To Excellence Edition, No More Lord of the Flies, Why Edward Norton is the new Marlon Brando, Best New Political Drama on TV Ever! Hats off to Eric Javits, How Felix the Cat Embraced Me in Cashmere, What to Drink and How to Make it….

Episode XXXIII (33) shows us that ‘one day events’ every four years can turn into ‘four week events’ in no time 🙂

The Dark Side of the USA Elections has emerged as I predicted months ago, with hijinks and shenanigans everywhere.  Why a simple Voter ID card would solve all these problems and hateful doubt.   My lifelong hate of flies and mosquitos may be coming to an end with an amazing new gene-splitting technology that has got me buzzing.  I’ve always loved photography, and a fascinating tale about how a German camera saved thousands of Jews from the Nazis in WW2.  You’ll Leica-it… 🙂   More Commitment to Excellence Stories from around town and around the globe.  The Best Steak in town.  “Chardonnay, please!” (seriously).  Felix the Cat caresses me once more, and I him.  Hats off to Eric Javits, the ultimate NY experience.  Vale James Bond.   Why Edward Norton is the new Marlon Brando and revisiting one of the best films of the past 20 years.  Negroni?  Baloney!  Here’s how to celebrate Spring in Oz (or Autumn everywhere else!)

Plus YOU CAN HELP MAKE HISTORY!  How to vote in the Australian Podcast Awards THIS WEEK to make this podcast the Listener’s Choice Award Winner after being excluded from such typical categories as LGBTQ Podcast, INDIGENOUS Podcast, CHILDREN’S Podcast and so many others that THE WAY IT IS–Official Bobby Galinsky Podcast should slot right into 🙂   Who else gives you everything from world-wide weather, to best fashion, best drinks, obscure science, AMAZING TRUE STORIES, and Hollywood heartbeat tales from a slightly right-of-center would-be nut job Cis-Gender Jewish Caucasian ageing Yank ex-pat  who doesn’t pander to the SJW PC mob?    No one!   Show your independence and please VOTE TODAY.  2 clicks! (Put in THE WAY IT IS or BOBBY GALINSKY into the show, click, then click the CONFIRMATION EMAIL you’ll get shortly afterwards… BOOM!


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