Chi avrebbe mai pensato che saremmo arrivati qui? An Artist for our Time: The Exclusive Richard Payne Interview, Why Lockdowns Are The Definition of Insanity , the Magic of Yves Saint Lauren & Jardin Majorelle, The Democratic Duo to Destroy Democracy, Stephen King fail, Homage to a Son

Episode XXI speaks from beyond the moroccan palms where Yves Saint Lauren rests for eternity.  Our 2nd historical series interview finds hot artist RICHARD PAYNE at home in the wilds of Daylesford, Victoria talking about his past and art’s future which his work personifies.  NY Governor Mario Cuomo says it like it isn’t, and proves in his own words why lockdowns are the definition of insanity and sets a new low for history.  It’s happened, the UK has sunk to it’s lowest economic point in history.  “Thanks China” and modern medical advice.  The Haunting of Sioux City, Iowa circa 1965  When Joe Biden learns who his Vice-Presidential running mate is next week how will he react?   We do 3rd grade math with crayons to show you why the Left has no clue and America is 80+ days from doom if Sleepy and Grumpy get in.  Stephen King books often don’t translate to film like they should, but when they do, they should be left the fuck alone for eternity and not rebooted or made into sequels.  Plus history, fashion, booze, tax-free battles,


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