Victoria Lockdown Stage 5 Secrets Revealed! EMMYs Preview, Why Mail Voting in USA Election Is Ridiculously Dangerous, Who Just Flew Out Of The Cuckoo’s Nest into an Amazeballs Netflix Series? Witch Trials Origins, What Makes Roger Bannister Run? UK Virus Meal Deal, Why the Hiroshima/Nagasaki 75th anniversary is a nice trailer for what Beijing has coming, Epic Chocolate, Fine Wine, and a last slice of Coon Cheese in my Washington Redskins tee as I watch Disney’s MULAN on Apple+

Episode 20 (XX) reveals the secret Andrews Government STAGE 5 Lockdown plan (EXCLUSIVE)   Why the EMMYs (c) are more important than the Academy Awards (c) this year.   If you’re thinking POTUS is nuts being worried about postal voting in the US election, it’s something you’d best ‘go postal’ about.   One of the most important American films of all times gets a new original story on Netflix from crazy-ass genius Ryan Murphy.   How the Mueller Witch Trials actually began in Switzerland on this day in 1428.   If China had sent bombs around the world killing a million people, a war would begin.  That war HAS begun.  On the 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we revel in how nice a tactical boutique mushroom cloud could look over Beijing in Instagram photos.  The 4 Minute Mile was only part of Roger Bannister’s story.  Accidental epic chocolate discovery from Sydney family business to delight you.  Fine VIC wine only 10 mins away…by tractor.  My Last Coon (cheese) has a tea party with the last Washington Redskins T ever sold.   Boris Johnson’s UK “China Virus Meal Deal” is the new hotness for recovery

Plus all your ‘best service’ shout outs, US/UK/OZ politics, fashion, movies, TV, and why you don’t have to see it to believe it….  you have to first believe it to see it.

RATCHED Trailer:

MULAN Trailer:

CHAMPION: The Franz Stampfl Story Trailer:

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