Field of Dreams beginnings, ‘Ludes, 8 Balls,Lefties, & Air Drop Rejects

In this episode we launch THE WAY IT IS—The Official Bobby Galinsky Podcast.  I will share the background that went into building this from my early beginnings in the ‘field of dreams’ cornfields of Iowa, to discovering everything that was bad for me at University in Colorado, to the bright lights and dark alleys of Hollywood and eventually landing in the golden land of opportunity in Australia.   Left-handed people, lefties, vegans, meat-lovers, AirDrop rejects, loves and hates and so much more!

Come and meet your little friend!  Because I don’t mind what you like…even if I don’t!

10 thoughts on “Field of Dreams beginnings, ‘Ludes, 8 Balls,Lefties, & Air Drop Rejects

  1. Awesome! It was easy to relate to your years in Boulder. if memory serves, Boulder was quite simply 35 square miles surrounded by reality. So glad I got yo know you!

  2. Hey, Bobby. Nice job. I really enjoyed it. But a few notes:

    How could you, in a podcast with an entertainment focus, mention Field of Dreams’ connection to Iowa without mentioning The Music Man?

    The name you were looking for is Sacheen Littlefeather.

    You said people should have the right to express their opinions, but isn’t that what Hachette employees were doing? I know, walking out is extreme, but decrying and trying to stifle what you consider to be censorship, can in itself be a form of censorship.

    My wife is also left-handed, and brilliant. Her first grade teacher tried to force her to be a righty. One result, though, is that she’s pretty proficient with her weaker hand. When she played tennis, she would try to avoid hitting a backhand by switching hands.

    Anyway, well done. I’m looking forward to the next one. Stay well!

  3. Great insight into your life, loved the back story. Good perspective on what’s happening in the world and the film industry, where I share your love.
    Not happy with the usage of the “Wuhan” virus as opposed to the actual name, the Corona Virus. I just believe it’s unnecessary. It’s not like we don’t know where it emanated.
    Loved it though and good to hear your voice again. !
    BTW Ken Roswell the legendary Australian tennis player, was born left handed. His authoritarian father forced him to use his right hand as a kid

  4. Quintessential Bobby. Great work Bobby, I really enjoyed your podcast..especially they part where you strolled through the earlier part of your life, back in Iowa. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair. I’ll be waiting with baited breath for your second podcast in the series. Love your work Bobby.
    Best Regards Rod R

  5. well done Bobby. Sat around the wireless radio(iPad) my beautiful wife knitting a chicken, me smoking my corn pipe ( eating matzah early) and thoroughly enjoying your transmission.
    Looking forward to all the media GOSSIP and your inciteful views.
    If you wish to have somebody to bounce off, happy to give it a shot.

  6. Hi Bobby, good start mate. Should have told the story about waking up on a park bench and being woken up by a cop. With you nearly getting arrested for some smart arse remark and knowing it was time to somewhere with a sense of humor. Looking forward to the next one and more about film stories. Cheers Rory

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